Patrick Lombardi, Italy

member since 2016

Location: Trentino alto adige, Italy
Born: 10/10/97
Stance: regular
Tricks: i prefer fast stand up and downhill but i also like mini ramp sesh
Spots: lots, but more downhill spots, only open roads, so we can’t skate as much as we would like to!

Sponsors: db longboard, cloudride wheels, standard trucks, dl aerolid, The Shop

Right now i live in Riva del Garda, Trentino, and work as a waiter in Malcesine, making money for the eurotour!!!!

I like to travel a lot. When i finished school at 16, i went immediatly to new zealand to skate, travel and do work experience. There i met lots of good and friendly guys, loads of porn freeride roads for 7 months.

The last eurotour was so good. I travelled with Panchovilla in his van and i did Kozakov, knk and verdicchio where the italian championship was held, and i won in The open, one of the best days!!

Here i have lots of good friends who skate with me and film me.
Thanks to david lombardi, the guy behind dl aero helmet, Who films me and edits the videos, i have discovered more raw runs and He has helped me to get known!