Bastian Delgado, Spain

member since 2016

love to travel and when I got a chance I grab my boards and I just let it flow.
Also I love the sea so sometimes I’m just founding waves, I’ve been surfing since I had fourteen, and sometimes I expend my time working in a SUP school in my home city, with the guys of Cadizsuppaddle
I’m on the research of meeting new people for share new experiences, (expend some time on the sea with a good sunset grab some beers and enjoy the time, because “Share is Live”
I have a daughter, she’s Claudia and she’s 6 years old. I’m so lucky because we share tons of things, also she love expend time with the Longboard and in the sea too, I’m so stocked on that! :_)

My last trip was to Eindhoven I was riding in the las “So you can longboard Dacen” event in Holland, this event is considered worldcup on the Freestyle-Dance, the level is amazing, also there challenge from different variations Hippie jump, G-turn.

For this trip I was traveling around Brussel (with tons of military around the city). also in Amsterdam (with those great coffeshops hahhaha) and finally in Eindhoven (with this crazys skaters ) I was stocked on my second place in the Hippie jump discipline. I had so much fun with my friends from Spain, Korea, Germany and from Holland.
My soul brother Daniel Sam was there to, and it was great having him there.