Aleix Gallimo, Spain

member since 2015

Location: Barcelona
Born: 29 years ago
Stance: Goofy
Tricks: Probably right now I should changed my trick for flowing a round between road lines. But I always love make Half Cab Flip.
Spots: Like at home there’s no spots.
Pyrenees are full of beautiful spots and here is Huesca we have paved all around.
Sponsors: Original Skateboards, RDVX, Kaina Skate Shop, Hydroponic Clothing, Standard Trucks, G-Form, Atopic Supplies

Right now I live in the Pyrenees now my home town is Benasque, on of those places that if you get in you don’t want go go out. That’s and amazing place, for all the seasons. They Called the Hidden Valley.

When I’m out of home I use to travel around the world with my wife Marta.
We love to travel, and I have the opportunity of view and skate all I can, always there’s new spots to discover.

My lasts trips was in sick spots, I got Tailand, La Toscana, and Iceland, that las one was insane. This place looks like other planet, there’s a few moments that looks like your out of the earth. Blue water in the middle of nothing or in the middel of a clift, Glaciars that looks like a Sea, Really Fu*king big waterfalls tons of new thinks for discover.

In summer time I use to travel for race, most common is ride around Europe (Francia, Italia, Alemania, Austria, Republica Checa & Suiza) Race season is sick. I use to travel with fiends around one month and half. We head races from the World cup like Kozakov, Almatrieb, Peyragudes, Padova.

That two last years I was traveling with Mikel Echegaray best partner for this kind of trips! He’s that rocket man that brakes records. We use to film stuff between that races, he have a great control over his luge. And is always great skate with him, tons of fun.

Keep Exploring and get out of your comfort zone = real life